Why movements in the Eastern Ukraine are different from Maydan

Today we would like to publish personal opinion of one of our bloggers Olga Solovyova, a Ukrainian living in Norway. This is her answer to Russia Today’s article from 15.04.14:


“A bit about the differences. Maydan people were never trying to get control over the airports, military basis, ТV towers. People behaved with respect to others, they were not aggressive, and demanded rule of law in the country (the rests of which have evaporated during the last 4 years). They never occupied buildings like this with the help of foreigners: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwoREucvuyA

Now show me all photos and videos from Maydan and lets’s count guns on all of them. First of all, they mainly will be traumatic, secondly there will be 10 times less items during the whole Maydan existence than in this only video. Maydan had many guests from abroad, from different countries, not from one. Maydan didn’t have coordinators from those countries and didn’t appeal for them to come and rule in Ukraine. Maydan tried to get foreign support and demanded sanctions, no help was provided to Ukrainians except of «deep concern». Maydaners were extremely upset that they cannot get any support from abroad for months. They were begging for it but all they got in response were only words of understanding. So do not tell us about foreign influence, they could have influence effectively. Maydan had Ukrainians supporting it all over the world with REGULAR protests in the cities all over the world. We all stood up for the rule of law and positive changes in our country. Maydan stood up against criminals in the government, and not against the country itself. Maydan always appealed for peaceful protests, while the saboteurs in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine are extremely aggressive. They chase pro-Ukrainians, they do not let them protest peacefully with Ukrainian flags anywhere, they nurture aggression in all the people who follow them. Maydan didn’t take hostages! Never. Saboteurs do. You know why those guys in Crimea tortured people? Why they take hostages in Donetsk region? They know that they will never win it peacefully.

And four main arguments:

1) Saboteurs are managed from Russia (there is plenty of video and audio materials of such instructions from abroad)

2) Saboteurs are paid – 500$ for participating in the storm, 500 UAH for staying with them for a day and being active. Customs catches people transporting big sums of money to them from Crimea, Russia and Moldova. Special bank accounts were also revealed.

3) Eastern region (including the police and all the institutions) was controlled by this criminal gang for the last 20 years, the «top-management» of this mafia have escaped to Rostov (Russia) but the machine still works and it is coordinated from abroad. The Heads of the Security Service of Ukraine were Russian citizens (!!!) when Yanukovich ruled (robbed) the country. 5000 Ukrainian passports were given to agents of Russian Security Service when Yanukovich ruled. Those policemen in the East who are in the system were always paid an unofficial salary in envelopes which is now doubled or even tripled. This system is controlled by Yanukovich’s son. It is so clear they will not give up, because all their system will not survive in the state with the rule of law and they will be jailed. They fight now for Russia, because they will not be imprisoned there the same as Yanukovich and Berkut who escaped.

4) Russia Today’s propaganda was already revealed. They proceed doing exactly the same things. Why do you even put yourself under the shower of their lies and still try look for truth?! It’s counter-productive.

What Russia does in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine is called terrorism”.

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