News digest #1

According to Morgan Stanley’s research forecast Russian’s economy is expected to weaken:

  • Growth will go down from 1.3% in 2013 to 0.8% in 2014
  • Russian RUB is under pressure due to persistent capital outflows
  • Although CBR is trying to suspend the inflation now it will grow to the summer and might decrease to the end of the year

Full report (one slide only) can be found on Business Insider

Water supply in Crimea is cut off. Ukraine stopped to supply water to Crimea through North-Crimean Channel, which provided 85% of water required by peninsula(source in ukrainian). Currently there are no deals signed between Crimea and North-Crimean Channel department.

John Kerry provided an update on situation in Ukraine. He said that one week later after Geneva meeting on de-escalation of the situation in Ukraine «…only one country is keeping its word» and following movement of Russia’s troops to Ukraine he stated that if Russia continues in this direction it will be an expensive mistake . He also noted, that window to change course is closing, so Putin and Russia face a choice. See full statement here.

OSCE military inspectors were kidnapped by separatists in Slovyansk, Ukraine. On Friday 25th of April, around 11:40 the bus with 7 OSCE inspectors, 5 representatives of military forces of Ukraine was stopped by unknown persons, the buss and all people were taken to the building Security Service of Ukraine, where the separatists are currently located. For now there is no information when the abducted people are going to be released. Source in Ukrainian is available here.


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