Digest #2 (April 30th – May 2nd)

April 30th

Around 15 administrative buildings were captured by separatists in Donetsk region. Something similar was happening in Luhansk region, but Ukrainian soldiers prevented the seizure of building of Interior Ministry in Luhansk. See source.

Despite all this facts Ukrainian officials stated that the situation in Donetsk will be stabilised in coming days. Also Defence Ministry announced that they are starting to create battalions, which will be formed from civilians.

International Monetary Fund changed their predictions on Russia growth due to situation in Ukraine. It changed from 1.3% to 0.2%(previously it changed from 3.0% to 1.3%). IMF warned that Ukraine-related sanctions scare-off investors. See full article here. Meanwhile, prices in Crimea grow – Crimean deputy admitted that prices increased 50-60% (source in Russian).

May 1st

Ukraine temporarily closed the border with Crimea to prevent intervention of separatists and terrorist groups from it’s territory. Around 27 checkpoints are currently closed. Ministry of Foreign Affairs is instructed to notify diplomatic missions of foreign countries. Read more here

On the same day there was an attempt to storm the volunteer battalion «Donbas» which is located in Dnipropetrovsk region. Semen Senchenko, head of the battalion, informed journalists that terrorists acted like intoxicated and used women as human shields. There were 4 attempts to assault the battalion. Luckily enough no casualties reported, since after the supporting helicopter arrived the terrorists moved back to their positions. Source

May 2nd

Ukrainian military forces launched massive assault against separatists forces in Slovyansk. The roads around the city were blocked by troops in the morning. All the checkpoints built by separatists around the city were captured and separatists suffered heavy losses. Unfortunately Ukrainian 7 soldiers were wounded and 2 died during this operation. See full article here.

According to Information Resistance (source in Ukrainian) Russian diversionary forces received a command to return back to Russia.

Pro-Ukrainian peaceful march of ultras turned into clash in Odessa. According to witnesses (Russian) a peaceful pro-Ukrainian march turned of football fans and citizens was attacked by pro-Russian separatists who started to throw stones and firebombs at marchers. Football fans started throwing stones into separatists, the later answered with gunshots. In about 2 hours pro-Ukrainian protesters started to use Molotov cocktails and separatists ran out of bullets. Separatists started running away to Kulikovo field, after their tent city was set on fire they made into House of Trade Unions, which was set on fire as well (no information by whom, since pro-Russian activists started to shoot and throw Molotov cocktails from roof as well). Pro-Ukrainian activists started to save pro-Russian supporters who were jumping out of the burning building and gave them medical assistance. As a result – around 30 people died, so there are questions that remain to police, who was mostly standing by during the clash. See article here.

The second security council meeting on Ukraine emergency was held. Although this meeting was called by Russia, other members accused Russia of equipping and helping terrorists and supported Ukraine’s ATO operation. Read mored here.


Article, written by Kevin Rothrock, about Dmitry Tymchuk, director of the “Center of Military-Political Research”, who is regularly publishing the information about events in Ukraine and who was called a fake by Russian media.

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