Odessa, 4th of May – release of separatists  

Today, on the 4th of May, several hundreds people have blocked Preobrazhenska street in Odessa in order not to allow the police to take the arrested pro-Russian activists to the court. Their friends and relatives wanted them to be set free without the court decision. Around 16.00 they were trying to smash up the doors and windows of the Ministry of Internal Affairs department shouting «Odessa is a Russian city», «Fascism won’t go», «Killers! Freedom to heroes». Around 16.25 the police has released the separatists. (source in Ukrainian) The police then explained that this decision was made because the crowd demanded it. (source in Ukrainian)

The Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov has said the following: «I have no words to express my anger on the shameful release of the provocators who were quilty 43 people being dead and 160 wounded». All the leaders of the Department of Internal Affairs in Odessa have been dismissed and the criminal cases initiated. (source in Ukrainian)

The Prime-minister Arseniy Yazenyuk has blamed the local Security Service for not being able to stop the confrontations in Odessa. Most of the victims are pro-Russian activists. (source in Ukrainian)

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