Official statement of the “Right Sector” concerning celebration of 9th of May

1622227_1424428174484546_5167730028249292777_n«Taking into consideration those facts, that we constantly obtain different information concerning provocations from the side of pro-Russian separatists and other criminal elements which are planned for the 9-th of May to make the situation unstable, we officially inform as follows:

“Right Sector” does not plan and will not implement any actions during the celebration of 9-th of May, except for safeguarding public legal meetings with veterans of war in those places, where they have already asked us for the assistance.

“Right Sector” has no enemies among Ukrainian population regardless of their social status, religion or age. Moreover – among veterans of World War II.

We consider the 9-th f May as the day of honour of all people died during World War II and offer to all divisions of the “Right Sector ” to honor those heroes by the minute of silence.

Any violation towards Ukrainian people, celebrating the date of 9-th of May in a peaceful way will be considered by us as illegal.

All information about any misuse of the symbolic or the name of “Right Sector” should be transferred to the state force organizations.

We demand from state force organizations to locate and block any illegal groups.

We emphasize that usage of any symbols or the official name of “Right Sector” during the celebration of 9-th of May by any pro-Russian group will be considered as illegal.»

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