Digest #3 (May 7th – May 9th)

May 7th

Ukraine received first emergency rescue money from International Monetary Fund (3.2 bn). Stepan Kubiv (Chairman of the National Bank) said that those money will be used to boost gold/currency reserves and to stabilize hryvna. Source (English)

Vasyl Krutov mentioned that  14 military people were killed and 66 injured during ATO (the last 2 weeks). He also mentioned that they perform some relocation to be able to work in 3 regions, where ATO is being held. Source (Russian)

Krutov mentioned also that the operation is running  slowly, because of bad communication between military forces. He also said that they’re doing some changes in human resources (there will be some replacements). Source

May 8th

Ukraine celebrates the new Victory Day without orange and black stripe, since it is used by terrorists. See source

SBU claims that they found one of financing sources of the terrorists in Donetsk Region. See source

Donetsk and Luhansk separatists decided to hold the «referendum on independence». Source

May 9th

During the ATO operation in Mariupol 7 people were killed and  39 were injured, says Avakov. Source.

G7 created some emergency plan , that will be used in case of «Gas War» with Russia. Source

Angela Merkel mentioned that Europe will never tolerate Crimea’s annexation. Source


How Ukraine will take Crimea back

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