Unitarity of Ukraine is being supported by 73% of the citizens

Унитарность Украины поддерживают 73% граждан - опросAccording to the latest opinion poll, conducted by Socis centre, Kiev International Institute of Sociology and Rating Group, 16% of the Ukrainian population supports the federal structure of the country.

The majority of Ukrainians are supporters of the unitary form of the governance structure. This is according to the results of the opinion poll, conducted on request of Ukrainian Voters Committee by Socis centreKiev International Institute of Sociology and sociology group Rating Group, which have been presented on press-conference by the director of the Rating group Sergey Antipovich.

According to the results of the poll, the unitary structure has been supported by 73,4%, whereas the federal – by 15, 8%.

The majority of Ukrainians considers also that the Ukrainian language has to be the only official language. 38,2% have voted for Ukrainian to be the only official language and for Russian to be used in the daily speech in the same way as the languages of other minority groups. 27,3% have voted for Ukrainian to be the only official language while for Russian to be official in some regions. The idea of Russian and Ukrainian both being official has been supported by 30,7% of the respondents.

The poll has been conducted from 8th till 13th of May, there has been interviewed 6200 respondents (2067 respondents for each sociology centre) in all the regions of Ukraine, except for Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The survey has been done by means of interview, statistical error not being more than 0,8%.

Source in Russian

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