News for 23rd of May

ImageVolunteer battalion «Donbas» was ambushed by separatists near village Karlovka. In addition to the automatic and sniper weapon terrorists used also RPGs and armoured transporter. The bigger part of battalion troops managed to break through separatist cordon. There is no information about what happened to the rest of troops, since the connection with them was lost. Later the separatist leader Igor Bezler claimed that they killed the rest of troops. Leader of «Donbass» Semen Senchenko refused to comment that, while he will not see the bodies of troops himself.

Self-proclaimed head of Luhansk National Republic promised that acts of terrorism will happen during president elections. He also stated that those acts will be performed by pro-Ukrainian soldiers and asked people to avoid going to president elections.

Russia claims that they take away troops from Ukrainian border. For now it’s only 3-4 thousand which is a very small amount comparing to the overall amount of troops located near the border. Russian officials claim that this process can be finished not earlier than June 8th and do not comment why they can not do that earlier.

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