Results of anti-terrorist operation as of May 27th

ImageAccording to latest news anti-terrorist forces finished several successful offensive operations on the positions of separatist gunmen in Donbass.

According to sources terrorists lost around 100 people killed, few more hundreds are wounded and there are no losses from anti-terrorist forces side. Also, few separatist key figures tried to escape from Donetsk region territory. Terrorists split up and there is a panic among them. 

International Donetsk airport was captured by gunmen on Monday morning(around 3AM). They installed military emplacements. The command of anti-terrorist operation gave an order to clear the airport. At 1PM separatists were given an ultimatum, after they refused to executed it Ukrainian special forces started the operation.

Anti-terrorist forces used military airplanes, around 10 helicopters and around 3-4 hundred troops in this operation. Approximate amount of terrorists, who confronted Ukrainian troops is few hundreds. After air strike, which destroyed anti-aircraft gun Ukrainian special forces cleared up the territory by eliminating all terrorists.

Besides that, anti-terrorist forces destroyed a truck, which was transporting separatist gunmen. Few more terrorists were killed in Mariupol and another Donbass regions. Except that, few more terrorist checkpoints were destroyed by Ukrainian military units. According to information from security services around 100 terrorists were killed and few hundreds wounded. Terrorists mentioned 200 as a number of killed troops in their captured private conversations.

The operation continues in Donetsk. Separatists already lost one of their headquarters and are waiting for assault of the building of regional state administration. According to media sources leaders of Donetsk National Republic ran away from Donetsk and are planning to escape from Ukraine. Simultaneously leaders of previously confederate Luhansk National Republic declared war upon Donetsk National Republic, since latter betrayed ideas of separatism.

Also, there is information that Chechen mercenaries are helping separatists(there is a video proof where one of the militaries mentions that they are Kadyrov’s people).

See full article in Russian here.

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