Status of Anti-terrorist operation in the East of Ukraine: DNR and LNR are split


According to «Informational resistance» Ukrainian forces took over Debaltsevo, which means that currently terrorist organisations LNR (Lugansk People’s Republic) and DNR (Donetsk People’s Republic) are split. Since now they act on their own, DNR’s perspectives without support from Russia are fading away. So by creating this corridor parallel to the border command of Ukrainian forces is able to move in direction of Sverdlovsk-Antracyt-Rovenky after destroying terrorist forces which are currently located at Savur-Mohyla(and possibly Snizhne).

In general, terrorists are losing most of the battles and currently are trying to fill their reserves with Russia’s help, but that is not that effective as before because of successful resistance from Ukrainian side. If the Ukrainian forces will keep going as they do now(which they will hopefully do) – any chances of separatists to stand against will be gone in 2 weeks

Map by Mykhailo Malynovskyy

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